AG Sayed-Khaiyum on the New Constitution

Some politicians are looking backward, caught in a time warp where nepotism, elitism and racism were the norm. Even to this day, there are voices that echo from that past, and those who seek to regain power and take Fiji back to the dark ages.

The Bainimarama government breaks away from the petty politics of the past in which personalities took precedence over building a modern and inclusive Fiji.

The Bainimarama government is looking to the future of Fiji and all Fijians.

During the process of formulating a genuine Fijian constitution, every Fijian will have the right to put their ideas before the constitutional commission and have the draft constitution debated and discussed by the Constituent Assembly.

The new constitution will be created for all Fijians. No politician or interest group will be either be shut out or given any special say.

We are all Fijians, and we are all equal.

The first step is civic education—informing Fijians of what a real constitution is, how it will affect their daily lives, and most importantly, focus Fijians on what issues they believe should be included in the new constitution.

As the process continues with the Constitutional Commission and the Constituent Assembly all Fijians will have a voice.

Next year we will have an enlightened Fijian Constitution that will make it possible to hold democratic elections in 2014, with the essential and natural right of one person one vote one value.

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