Every year, Fijian business owners have been forced to go through the same process again and again—having to re-apply for their business license and pay the annual fee.

Now, due to a new initiative by the Bainimarama Government, businesses throughout the country can avoid the yearly time consuming encounter with municipal bureaucracies.

Beginning in 2014, Fiji’s business will be able to acquire their licenses for up to three years at a time, cutting back on red tape and improving productivity.

The Bainimarama Government is also reviewing the fairness of the overall regime of licensing and the fees paid by large and small businesses.

“There should be more equity in the system. We are beginning to look at the question of whether all business, regardless of size, should be paying the same fee. It may be more appropriate to have a sliding scale that provides a break for small and family operated businesses compared to corporations and bigger companies,” said Attorney General and Acting Minister for Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and the Environment Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

The new initiative will also reduce the time municipal bureaucracies spend processing annual paperwork and allow municipalities to devote more time and energy to seeing to the essential services that must be provided to all Fijians.

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