New Lautoka BDM Office Signals New Standard

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum was in Lautoka today to open the brand-new Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry, reinforcing the  Bainimarama Government’s new standard of service delivery to ordinary Fijians.

Speaking after the event, the Attorney-General said that Fijians, wherever they live, not only need convenient access to Government services, but also deserve the highest quality experience.

“The Bainimarama Government believes that services should be available locally, that they should be accessible, and that they should be of the highest standard, and facilities like this new one in Lautoka reflect that commitment,” he said. “For example, this new facility is fully air conditioned and has a new marriage room that will give families and couples a top level experience.”

The Attorney-General mentioned that the new Lautoka Registry can now be added to a long list of Government Service Centres, Legal Aid Offices, and Revenue and Customs Offices that have been opened in local communities throughout  the country.

He said that Fijians should feel good about the services they receive and that the new service locations that have been opened around Fiji represent the high standard that the Bainimarama Government is trying to achieve across the board.

The Attorney-General added that Government is also in the process of expanding the services available in Post Offices, as well as introducing a broad range of “e-Government” services that will be available online, from the convenience of home.

Following today’s opening, the Attorney-General said that soon the newly renovated Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry will open in Suva.

“It truly becomes a one stop visit. Where previously you had to queue up to get a number, queue up to pay the cashier, queue up to get your documents, – and then sometimes you had to go back again – with the new system you simply get a number and when it’s your turn, you go and sit at the desk, and that’s it,” he said.

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