Significant Pay Rise for PRB Staff: AG

The Public Rental Board (PRB) has announced substantial pay rises for its 44 non-management staff following approval by the Prime Minister.

A total annual salary increase of $103,158.98 has been approved for PRB’s staff, and this adjustment will be backdated to 01 January, 2012.

The Attorney-General and Minister for Public Enterprises, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, said that this announcement comes after the PRB carried out a review of its staff member’s past performance, qualifications, experience and competencies.

“The last job evaluation at PRB was carried out in 2004 and since then market adjustments have not been done. The roles and responsibilities of non-management staff members has changed over the years and their work load has increased without corresponding pay rises in line with what the market is paying,” the Minister said.

The Minister added that there had been a growing gap at PRB between the salaries of management and ordinary workers.

“When members of any organisation feel that people are benefitting more than others, this damages the morale of that organisation and can have a negative impact on productivity. It is a matter of basic fairness,” he said.

“It is for these reasons that we are happy to announce these pay rises that will better reflect the value of the work being done by PRB staff. It is a much-deserved reward for their hard work.”



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