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AG presents National Register of Voters12/17/2013

Attorney-General and Minister Responsible for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum today presented copies of the National Register of Voters (“Register”) to political parties.

Representatives of the Social Democratic Liberal Party, the Fiji Labour Party and the People’s Democratic Party visited the Attorney-General’s Chambers this afternoon to receive a free copy of the Register.

The National Federation Party chose not to attend.

During the meeting, the Attorney-General updated the political parties on the progress of the drafting of the rules pertaining to elections.

He told them that after the electoral laws are finalised, the Elections Office will offer training to the political parties to help familiarise them with the laws’ various sections.

The Attorney-General also advised political parties that they would be asked to provide the Elections Office with the names of their election scrutinisers much earlier than has been the practice in the past. He said that this would allow the scutinisers to be included in training programs leading up the 2014 General Election.

The Attorney-General said the response from the political parties was positive.

Speaking after the event, the Attorney-General said that he was pleased to offer registered political parties copies of the Register.

“This is a service that the Elections Office has decided to provide to each political party to assist them in making preparations for the 2014 General Election,” he said.

The Register contains the names of the 540,164 Fijians who have registered to vote so far in Fiji and overseas.