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Fijian Attorney General & Aviation Minister Aiyaz Sayed – Khaiyum opens carbon reduction workshop

Fijian Attorney General Sayed-Khaiyum’s Opening Remarks at the ICAO State Action Plan Workshop

Bula vinaka and welcome to the joint Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji workshop on reducing aviation-related CO2 emissions.

On behalf of the Fijian Government and the Fijian people, it’s a pleasure to welcome you all, especially the representatives from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and our Pacific neighbours.

Over the course of the next two days, discussions will centre around the development of state action plans, which are designed to focus our attention on the measures being undertaken as well as the measures that need to be undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions in our aviation industries, through 2050.

The State Action Plan will be the means for a country to report its carbon-reduction measures to the ICAO, which can then better track progress towards the carbon benchmarks agreed to by the global community.

This workshop provides the unique opportunity for participants to learn about what’s involved in the preparation of an action plan. Our thanks go the the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for providing the necessary expertise, and also to the ICAO for providing the relevant guidance materials.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The issue of reducing CO2 emissions has an increased relevance and urgency for us in the Pacific. We’re on the front line of climate change. We’re not far removed from its impacts like most people in the developed world. The effects of rising waters and more frequent natural disasters are seen and felt in our daily lives.

Therefore, green growth, sustainable development and climate change are topics of urgent discussion in Fiji and in the region. In fact, in the last couple weeks alone there have been two important forums in Fiji that have addressed these issues.

Last week, Fiji hosted the inaugural Pacific Island Development Forum, which focused on regional development through green and blue economies, and on Monday, we conducted our second National Climate Change Summit.

Speaking at that event, our Prime Minister made a point that I think is worth repeating here. I quote, “[Climate change] is clearly a global problem that requires global solutions. But rather than merely wringing our hands and telling the international community that ‘something must be done’, we need to take charge of those areas we can influence. “ Unquote.

Working to reduce CO2 emissions in our aviation industry is one such area. While Fiji is clearly not one of the big carbon polluters, we are nevertheless committed to making whatever contribution we can in this regard. Improving the environmental performance of aviation is a challenge we take very seriously.

The strategies for carbon-reduction in the aviation industry include investment in new technology, more efficient operations – especially in terms of air traffic management – better infrastructure, and positive market-based measures, or in other words, economic incentives to reduce pollution.

Indeed, in Fiji, Fiji Airways has recently purchased three brand-new Airbus A330s with Rolls Royce engines that reduce carbon emissions by 40%.

And let’s not forget, reducing emissions doesn’t only help the environment, it saves airlines significant amounts of money; savings that can passed on to consumers. Because in order to reduce emissions you have to improve efficiency, and improved efficiency means lower costs.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The aviation industry often plays a central role in a nation’s economy and contributes significantly towards its development.

This is certainly the case in Fiji. A healthy civil aviation sector is crucial to our prosperity and development and has flow-on benefits for our vital tourism industry. That’s why we’re committed to adopting best international practice and standards, including with carbon reduction.

For all of us, increasing environmental performance will not only promote the sustainable growth of the international civil aviation industry, but will ensure that each of us play our part in reducing emissions.

I welcome once again our visitors and urge you to take time out to enjoy our Fijian hospitality.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s now my pleasure to declare this workshop officially open.


Vinaka vakalevu. Thank you.