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‘Kaise Baat-Reloaded’ To Promote Fiji Hindi

More than two hundred (200) people got a chance to witness performances by non- Indian Fijians in Fiji Hindi last night during the ‘Kaise Baat – Reloaded non Indo-Fijian Articulations of Fiji Hindi – Conversations and Performances’ at USP last night.

University of the South Pacific’s Research and Graduate Affairs associate dean, Dr Mohit Prasad said the two day event was organised to promote Fiji Hindi as it is a widely spoken contemporary language in the country.

Speaking at the event last night, acting Prime Minister and Attorney-General Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji Hindi is very much linked to the experiences and identity of descendents of the Girmitiyas.

‘The Girmitiyas and their descendents at one stage in Fiji comprised of 51 per cent of the population. If you look at it historically, it was a language that developed as a means of necessity and that necessity arose from the fact that there were people who came from different parts of India and they had to communicate. They were in a different environment altogether,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji Hindi has its uniqueness and it should not be shunned.

“Language has the ability of inclusion, it brings people together, you are able to share the jokes and you are able to relate to each other. Fiji Hindi is a means of communication and it helps to break down barriers as well as helping to understand each other,” he added.

Dr Prasad said the language is not only spoken by the descendants of the Girmitiyas in Fiji but also by the i-Taukei community.

“We started ‘Kaise Baat’ last year which was a huge success. As part of the event last year, we had presented academic papers on language, architecture, economy and movie-making in Fiji Hindi,” Dr Prasad said.

“We have taken it to a new level this year with performances in Fiji Hindi to show that it is a truly conversational and a living language.”

Dr Prasad also highlighted the need to sustain the language as a means of communication amongst Fijians.

“Fiji Hindi is a vibrant language and also a major part of who we are, our identity, hence the need to continue advocating its usage,” he stressed.

The program was also a tribute to late Jet Shri Krishna, a well-known traditional Indian folk singer. Most of his compositions were in Fiji Hindi.

The performers last night included traditional Hindi folk singer, Noa Seru, You and Me Talents’ Chutney dancers and music, which is popular in Indo-Caribbean culture using a mix of calypso, Sonia- a cross-dressing Fijian dancer and Eddie Wilson, who is an i-Taukei singer of popular Hindi songs, with Fusion Masters.