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Fijian Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum Launches Two New Coaches for Sunbeam Transport Ltd.


The Attorney-General’s Conference will feature a panel of religious leaders to discuss the topic of “religion in a secular state.”

The panel will consist of the Reverend James Bhagwan, Secretary for Communication and Overseas Mission of the Methodist Church in Fiji, Mr Bhuwan Dutt, Patron of the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji, Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Suva, the Reverend Claude Fong Toy, Dean of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church for the Diocese of Polynesia, and Professor Vijay Naidu, Professor and Director of Development Studies at the University of the South Pacific.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said that this panel, and others, will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the various  provisions of the Fijian Constitution and to clarify any misconceptions that may exist, in an open forum.

The Prime Minister will open the Conference on Friday morning.

Statement as Fiji Assumes the Chair of the 9th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas

It’s a great honour for Fiji to be assuming the role of Chair with all the responsibility that entails.

I want to thank Papua New Guinea for her stewardship of the 8th conference and its continuing commitment to our common ideals.

We regard Papua New Guinea as an important development partner, not only bilaterally but within the Melanesian Spearhead Group as we work to improve the lives of all Melanesians and the Pacific peoples as a whole.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we embrace our responsibility as Chair with humility and pride. The overriding principle – the singular ethos – of the Bainimarama Government is to serve.

We see it as our obligation first to serve our own people, to empower them through a host of policies such as our “clever country” initiative of free education for primary and secondary school students and our tertiary loans scheme and indeed improved environment management.

We see it as our obligation to serve the international community with our hundreds of troops currently serving in the Golan Heights and a string other UN peacekeeping missions over the past three decades.

And we see it as our obligation to serve our neighbours with the Fijian volunteer teachers, nurses and other professionals currently building local capacity in other Pacific countries. We also intend to serve our neighbours by developing Fiji as a more effective transport and telecommunications hub and increasing the opportunities for trade and economic growth.

That service extends to our commitment to work with all of you to tackle and resolve the great environmental challenges we all face as we struggle to protect our surroundings.

His Excellency our President has spoken eloquently this morning of Fiji’s leadership role in global forums as we try to marshal international action on climate change.

This has become a major platform of our foreign policy and the Prime Minister will have more to say on this when he speaks to you later in the week.

But I can assure you as Fiji’s Environment Minister of our absolute commitment to having our collective voice heard on this issue wherever and whenever we can.

Thank you again and we all look forward to our discussions in the coming days.


Local tourism operators and representatives from Fiji’s main target markets will gather in Nadi tomorrow (Tuesday) for the unveiling of Tourism Fiji’s global marketing plan for 2014.

Advertising in the plan is built around the new tourism branding – “Fiji, Where Happiness Finds You” – which emphasises a holiday experience based not only on Fiji’s natural attributes but on an enjoyable and lasting interaction with the Fijian people.

A series of new television advertisements will also be unveiled to the local media at the annual Tourism Fiji Industry Day at the Sofitel Resort in Denarau.

The unveiling will come at the end of a day of closed sessions as an array of speakers update local operators on aspects of Fiji’s marketing effort and explain how they can capitalise on the initiatives themselves.

The CEO of Tourism Fiji, Rick Hamilton, will present the global marketing plan for the year ahead, which includes new features on the organisation’s website –  - and an expansion of its agent training program.

Regional Directors and representatives from the key markets – Australia, New Zealand, the US, Britain, Europe, Korea and India – will also showcase their plans for 2014 and field questions from the local industry. And Tourism Fiji’s public relations and social media agencies will review the industry’s overall performance in 2013 and unveil their strategies for the year ahead.

The Attorney General and Minister for Tourism, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum – who will make the closing address tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) in open session – said it was critical for the local industry to maintain the highest standards and be constantly ready to adapt to changing market circumstances.

“Now more than ever, holidaymakers have a range of potential destinations to choose from and Fiji needs to differentiate itself, to effectively target specific niches in each of our markets.

Fortunately, our people are our biggest asset and drawcard and it is their warmth and hospitality that is having a lasting impact with international visitors and is gaining us so much repeat business. That is our point of differentiation and it starts from the time they board a Fiji Airways plane in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, or the US and ends when they arrive back home, having found happiness in Fiji”, he said.

The Attorney General said the Bainimarama Government was determined to grow market share for Fiji’s biggest revenue earner, not only through initiatives such as the “Happiness” branding but by encouraging the national carrier to open up more routes.

“We’re confident that our budget allocation to Fiji Airways to explore new opportunities will soon see the introduction of direct flights between Nadi and Singapore, which will open up a vast new market, not only in South East Asia but extending to the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East”, he said.

“This will also complement the routes operated by our other partners such as Korean Airlines, Virgin, Jetstar and Air New Zealand”, he added.

The Interim Chair of the Board of Tourism Fiji and Permanent Secretary for Tourism, Elizabeth Powell, said it was important to acknowledge the central role of every Fijian in the new Tourism Fiji national branding.

“When we present Fiji as being a place “where happiness finds you”, it is not a slogan.  It is a reality.  Every single Fijian has an innate sense of hospitality and takes real enjoyment from sharing the beauty of our Fijian home with our visitors.  We live this new brand and are looking forward to sharing it with many more international visitors in 2014”, she said.

AG Sayed-Khaiyum’s Remarks: Welcome Reception and Inaugural Pacific Islands Environment Leadership Awards

Bula Vinaka and Good Evening,

Once again, it’s my pleasure to address you, towards the end of a day which I’m sure you’ll all agree was stimulating, informative and worthwhile.

I think His Excellency our President made some very strong points in his speech…among them his call for us to do more to include the corporate sector in our conservation effort, the need to wean Pacific Islanders off the culture of disposable packaging and, of course, the pressing need to persuade the global community to finally confront the impact of climate change.

The President’s speech was followed by a fascinating and – I have to say – disturbing tour of the horizon of the effects of climate change by Dr Tim Flannery, the Head of the Australian Climate Council.

I found his references to the steady poisoning of our reefs as the oceans absorb global warming especially startling. While much of the climate change data that Dr Flannery referred to was specifically Australian, we essentially share the same space in the world so, of course, it has relevance to us and I found it very sobering.

I was especially gratified to hear Dr Flannery praise the Fijian Government’s efforts to reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is a night for us to relax and get to know each other better so I’ll keep my comments brief. But I just want to say something about the Inaugural Pacific island Environment Leadership Awards that I have the honour of presenting a little later.

These awards recognise the special contributions of many, and even countries, which have collectively promoted conservation. There are four categories and each of them is a celebration of excellence.

The winners are setting a standard to which we must all aspire to meet our obligation to preserve our natural surroundings for the continued health and well being of every Pacific Islander.

We’ll be announcing the winners shortly and I’m sure you’ll all join me in congratulating them for their achievements.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me again say on behalf of every Fijian: Welcome to our country. We are honoured and humbled by the trust you have shown in us as hosts and chair of the 9th Conference. We salute all of you in your efforts to safeguard our precious environments. And we pledge to do all in our power to advance our common agenda and make our voices heard way beyond these shores.

Again, thank you to the organisers – to the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program and the Pacific island Roundtable. The Fijian Government places a high value on our partnership, as indeed it does with everyone committed to this most noble crusade.

Ladies and Gentlemen, with those few words, I ask you to enjoy the rest of the evening and enjoy the rest of the week.

Vinaka vakalevu. Thank you.

Fijian Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum Remarks at Business Forum 2013

Fijian Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum Presents Fijian Crafted License Certificate


More of Fiji’s most gifted mat weavers, masi designers and other artisans have had their work officially recognised and authenticated with the “Fijian Crafted” brand.

The latest group of 39 people received their licence certificates in Nadi today from the Attorney General and Minister for Industry and Trade, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

The ceremony – before the artisans, their families and a large crowd – marked the end of the Western Crafts Fair in Koroivolu Park.

The “Fijian Crafted” initiative is part of the on-going “Fijian Made” campaign, which is designed to persuade Fijians to buy locally made products and keep the economic benefits in Fiji.

The licence holders are entitled to display the “Fijian Crafted” logo when they sell their works to differentiate them from generic island style products imported from overseas.

The Attorney General described the intiative as a “celebration of indigenous arts and craft and the artisans who make them that is designed to ensure their continuity into the future and provide sustainable livelihoods for talented Fijains”.

He said any international visitor to Fiji could now readily tell whether a particular item was authentic and a true representation of Fijian craftsmanship and culture.

The AG urged local artisans not to compromise the authenticity, quality and attractiveness of their work and said top pieces were bound the attract top prices.

He referred to a spike in commercial interest in local artisans since the “Fijian Crafted” program was launched in June.

The AG’s comments were endorsed by the President of the Fiji Crafts Council, Niqa Tuvuki, who told the gathering that the initiative had led to a surge in sales for those artisans who had been granted licences.

She said the Motibhai Group had already bought $4000 worth of works, Tappoos was intending to establish a special “Fijian Crafted” section in its stores and the work of some of the existing licence holders was already being displayed in several of Fiji’s diplomatic missions overseas.

The Crafts Council chief said the Government’s program was deeply appreciated.

Fijian Acting Prime Minister at Signing Agreement with Lautoka City Council & Tappoo Group

Fijian Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum Opens Fiji Valuation Management Annual Conference